About Sweet Gifts

Giulia Anemari- Mini Dessert Specialist


This business has been started by Sorina, a beautiful and extremely talented young woman, whom lost her life tragically and unexpectedly. Now, this elegant dessert shop is run by her beloved mother, who wants to continue making desserts in her daughter's memorial, to have her dream continued.

Giulia Anemari has been making desserts as long as she can remember. She did it for her daughter, for family parties, anniversaries, celebrations, and friends, as a way to gather everyone and bring them joy with her desserts. She learned everything from her grandmother, who initiated her in the art of baking. 

Now, she continues to make beautiful, delicious desserts as a way of being close to Sorina, and also to bring joy and happiness to those who buy her creations.

Every cupcake, cream tart, macaron and dessert is made with organic, carefully chosen ingredients to provide fine quality products.

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